About FZ

My wife always complains that she is my second wife. Guess who does she think is the first?
My D90 :-). Certainly not honey. I love you more than anything.

Photography is a passion that has kept growing with time. I had it since my early age but never had enough pennies to buy a decent camera. In 2007, I started photography with my first point and shoot camera, the Canon Powershot A700 IS. Then after a year or so I managed to buy my first DSLR, the Nikon D60 from the grey market in Dubai. It was my real companion in the journey of learning the basics. In 2009, I bought the D90 that I use today.

After experimenting and building a professional kit, followed by encouraging feedback, I am fully prepared to offer my professional services as a freelance photographer, specialising in portrait and events photography.

If you have any comments regarding my work, please fill up the contact form.